What you'll need to make a call
To make a phone call over the internet you'll need a microphone, speakers, a sound card and an internet connection, (preferably a fast one).

You'll also need the right software - but more on that later.

Most new computers will have a sound card already installed. Look at the back of your computer for small plugs labelled 'Mic' and 'Speakers' or 'Line out'. That's your sound card!

You may have to buy the speakers and microphone to plug in here.

How can I make a phone call on the internet?

There are two ways to make a phone call over the internet - computer to computer and computer to phone.

Making calls over the internet is great because it's so much cheaper than calling using your regular phone and often free.

Now you can call that cousin in Germany and talk all day!

Phone calls over the internet use a system called 'VOIP' or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

To find out more about VOIP, check the VOIP website

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Computer to computer calls
This is probably the easiest way to make a call over the net, and it's definitely the cheapest. Systems like Skype allow you to talk to anyone, anywhere for free.

Computer to computer calls are usually free, no matter where you are calling. The only thing you'll need will be the software.

There are several companies offering free software that you can use as

Sites providing free or cheap calls
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